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Congrats - you’ve made the decision to improve your health by making your plan. Now it’s a matter of getting down to the business of working the plan.

Even the most motivated person can benefit by having a knowledgeable advocate provide useful feedback and regular contact to stay on track and achieve their goals. 

Healthibod’s professional advocates include nutritionists, wellness advisors and practitioners who are ready to provide the personal interaction necessary to inspire you to “stay the course”! Our support services are provided through our confidential and secure email system which is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Support Options and Pricing

Support Contact
1X per week
(every  Tuesday)
$9.99 per month  

Support Contact
3X per week
(every Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
$19.99 per month  

Support Contact
5X per week
(each weekday)
$25.99 per month

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The above is the schedule that our professionals will contact you - but you are not limited in the number of times that you can email our support staff! You also have full access to our live webinars hosted by our professionals at no additional cost!  You may change your level of service or terminate service at any time upon 5 day’s email notice prior to any month end. Applicable email address is  

Charitable Contributions

Healthibod donates $1 per month of each support subscription to our approved non-profit organizations which are listed in the link below. This contribution is at no additional cost to you! Please feel free to contact us with suggestions of additional charities that we should consider adding to our donation list.   



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